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A Bad Vibes Economy Is Economy Really Bad, Or Does Everyone Think Like It? This sense of dread is so pervasive that you may be surprised to learn that many aspects of the US economy are in good shape at the moment. Unemployment is low, and the labor market is strong. Job opportunities are at near-record levels and many employees who want to find something better are doing just that. (Vox)

A What Basra has lost in the fight against empty office: Leverage The employer’s plan played out like a chicken coop. Now the workers are directly revolting, and the executives are trying everything to make the office valuable. (New York Times) See more More people are moving to Manhattan than ever before the epidemic: After the United States was frozen by Covid, the city began to see more traffic than the rest of the country, mostly on one side: outside. Now, many NYC neighborhoods have reversed the move. In fact, even though the city’s population is still declining, more families are moving to Manhattan now than there were before the epidemic in 2019 (Citylab).

A How are consumers? How’s the American consumer? It depends on who you are asking and what they are watching. (Irrelevant investors)

A Enter, we’re going to save the stool: Ground clearing to serve a larger and greener community, including open spaces for pedestrians, as part of a mix of public use, and buildings built for the benefit of one type of community – shopping – can be reduced, reused and reused. Although the mall was designed to display products intended to be obsolete, it is also a building designed to transform it at best. (New York Times)

A How to fix Twitter and Facebook: Social media has become very important to give to someone. Does everyone have a way to deliver it? (Atlantic)

A Once in a lifetime: Sometimes it seems like terrible fate, or bad news has new momentum. Often it’s just raw math at work. One million different things can go wrong, so at least one of them can crash at any moment. (Collaborative Fund)

A I am 80 years old. Here’s what I’ve learned so far about aging Without regular external reminders, it is very difficult to feel old and it still sometimes comes as a shock. A few years ago when I was shopping I became aware that a kneeling, intelligent man was following me around the mall. Then I realized that there are only mirrors everywhere. (Parent)

A Growing up in rural Germany that taught me about guns In the Bavarian village where I grew up, guns are a part of life. Not mass shootings. (Reasons to be cheerful)

A Many reporters think Kevin McCarthy is dumb. Why can’t they say so? Washington’s Last Sanctions: Calling Someone a Fool (Politics)

A Christine McVee of Fleetwood Mac: ‘Cocaine and Champagne Performed Me Better’ When he released a compilation of his solo works, Fleetwood Mac’s biggest hit writer and singer Extra, Conflict and Joe Cocker answered your question about attending his wedding night was a very male-centric, testosterone-heavy environment in the late 1960’s. . Have you ever considered yourself a groundbreaker for that world? (Parent)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business this week with Mobius Capital’s Mark Mobius. Known as the “Godfather of Emerging Markets”, he was tapped by Sir John Templeton in 1987 to run Templeton Emerging Markets, one of the world’s first EM funds. Over the next 30 years, he visited 112 countries, invested in 5,000+ companies, and traveled 1,000,000+ miles. It has helped Templeton Emerging Markets Group grow from $ 100 million in six markets to বিল 40 billion in 70 countries.

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