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My weekend morning The train WFH reads:

A Suit for ownership bonds: The yield is much higher than when the epidemic began. The Fed is raising rates to reduce inflation which could lead to a recession. If we go into recession, yields are likely to fall because the Fed will eventually be forced to cut interest rates. (Common sense resource)

A Scammers were forever. Then came crypto. Who is responsible for curbing cryptocurrency fraud? (Grid) See more Victim Cloud: Shootability in the Golden Age of Scandals (Harper’s Magazine)

A Where to find the best emerging market returns: Asian countries are as different as India, and so are Brazil, managers say. (CIO)

A Violent, well-heeled battle against SEC’s new rules on hedge fund activism: A new organization with hedge fund backing opposes strict disclosure rules for stock and swap positions with Elliott, Parsing Square, Third Point and others. (Institutional Investors)

A How can a recession weaken the revolution from the work-home: The company’s culture may soon be more in line with what Basra wants than what employees want — and it could mean a lot more people in the office. (Atlantic)

A Original: Why Porsche announced an SUV in 1998: An analysis conducted by the department overseen by Hans Riddle, a board member responsible for sales at the time, found that the Legend 911 and the new mid-engine Boxstar model alone would not lead the manufacturer to a secure future. “It was clear that there were limits to sports cars in the market.” (Porsche)

A How Singapore got its production back to Mojo The city-state has turned its highly automated production line against the recession of its factory to become a rare rich country (Wall Street Journal)

A Airbnb, your days are numbered: Everyone suddenly remembers how good it is to stay in a hotel (Gakar)

A Hoboken has not had a traffic death in four years. What exactly is it doing? This is a common part of the road plan known as “daylight” and is one of the most popular requests from residents, according to Ryan Sharp, director of transportation and end-parking at Hoboken. This is one of the main tools Hoboken uses to make its roads less lethal. (Restraint)

A The truth about the screams of the fangirls Teenage pop fans have long been ridiculed as zero victims of marketing. But there is more to it than that, a Harry-style fan explained. (Parent)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview with Jonathan Miller this weekend to discuss real estate, home sales, rent and whether cities are dead. Miller is the CEO and co-founder of Miller Samuel, whose real estate-related data and analyzes have become the norm for the residential real estate appraisal and brokerage industries.

The P / E ratio for Russell 2000 is back to the low level of 2020 and below 10x.

Source: @ Timorfidelity

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