10 Monday AM read – big picture

The morning of my return to work The train WFH reads:

A The American Convention Center Kings wants you to wear lanyards again Populus architects are scrambling with local authorities everywhere, urging them to invest in optimized facilities for organized professional fun. (Business Week)

A Coins that can destroy crypto As cryptocurrencies have sunk, the focus has shifted to a potential weakness: the market’s reliance on the so-called stablecoin, called Tether. (New York Times)

A Three types of investors The first investor is always looking for a bottom line; The second group always thinks we are going downhill and is sure that every gathering is a variation of the beer market; The third team fell behind the two. Optimistic on the upper day and disappointed on the lower day. (Irrelevant investors)

A Not financial advice: We need to stop activating “promotional” investments. (Young money)

A Americans are building leisure home empires with easy-money loans Selling risky mortgages based on volatile Airbnb earnings per night can end badly for the community, borrowers and investors. (Bloomberg)

A Can democracy include a world outside of man? The politics of a real planet will extend decision-making to animals, ecosystems and potential AI. (Wire)

A A slow, frustrating attempt to vaccinate young children – against polio (Washington Post)

A How the Watergate scandal spread around the world: A visual timeline Here’s how Watergate’s story unfolded, connecting through connections, taking all the way to the president. (Washington Post)

A We finally know when the first color picture of the web telescope will come – What to expect here (reverse)

• ‘Want to play some chess?‘The Sounds of Late Night Chess Around New York City (New York Times)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business this week with Dr. Charles Strom, who has been leading the way in genetic testing for more than 3 decades, leading forensic tests for criminal forensics and paternity appeal. He has spent 16 years at Quest Diagnostics, as medical director for genetic testing, and has dramatically expanded the company’s range of diagnostic tests. Currently, he is the CEO and co-founder of Liquid Diagnostics.

Mortgage rates over 5+ decades

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