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Avoid the eyes! Mine Sunday morning See Incompetence, Corruption and Policy Failure:

A How America lost one million people: It is almost impossible to understand the extent of the country’s losses. More Americans have been killed in the Covid-19 than in two decades of car crashes or the combined war of all the wars on the battlefield. Experts say death from a new virus of such severity and contagion was inevitable. Yet, a staggering toll of one million deaths, even for a country the size of the United States, and the actual number is almost certainly higher due to the low count. (New York Times)

A How the Wall Street Banks Killed the SPAC Craze: Investment banks have made billions of dollars by cracking down on blank-check firms and doing so without risking their own money in hundreds of deals that have hurt many investors. A look at how one of these deals shows. (Reuters)

A Analysis: NBA owners, silent on China relations, have invested more than $ 10 billion there ESPN examined the investments of 40 major owners and found that they collectively have more than $ 10 billion in deals in China. According to the analysis, the owners’ innumerable relationship with the world’s second largest economy weakens their business if they go in the wrong direction of the Chinese government or the people, according to the analysis. (ESPN)

A The Math Prodigy whose hacked Appendix Defy will not return its millions An 18-year-old graduate student exploited the weaknesses of the Indexed Finance Code and uncovered a legal complication that still rocks the blockchain community. Then he disappeared. (Bloomberg)

A Where the Internet went wrong – and how we can reboot it The online world is run by technology companies that we rely on but deeply disbelieve in. Ask Justin E. H. Smith and Ben Turnf’s new book: Are Alternatives Possible? (New statesman)

A The age of extinction is here – some of us still don’t know it We are crossing the survival threshold – and there is no going back (Eumandia)

A The social space where the Buffalo shooter became extremist Shooting was streamed live – and then repeatedly posted. (Grid) See more European countries where “replacement theory” reigns supreme How Hungary has turned the theory of substitution into a state ideology. (Vox)

A How North Korea reached 1.2 million cases from ‘Zero Covid’ in 72 hours This time last week, North Korea is still claiming to be one of the three cavid-free countries in the world. Now it is facing a public health catastrophe. (Vice)

A The Supreme Court has made it easier to bribe a member of Congress A lawsuit brought by Ted Cruz is a huge blessing for wealthy candidates and paid lobbyists. (Vox) See more I discovered Gilead. The Supreme Court is making this a reality. I thought I was writing a story on The Handmaids Tale. (Atlantic)

A The captive doctor’s bodycam shows Mariupol’s first-hand fear Mariupol, a famous Ukrainian physician, recorded his time on a data card larger than a thumbnail, smuggled into the world in a tampon. Now he is in Russian hands, at a time when Mariupol himself is on the verge of collapse. (AP News)

Don’t forget to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend. O’Reilly, co-chief executive officer and chief investment officer at Dimensional Fund Advisors, which manages $ 650 billion in client assets. Previously, he was head of research at DFA, managing the firm’s rigorous approach to interpreting, testing, and applying research to portfolios.

The median salary package for CEOs of America’s largest public companies rose 12% to $ 14.7 million last year.

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