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Avoid the eyes! Mine Sunday morning See Incompetence, Corruption and Policy Failure:

A 5 stunning revelations about January 6 from Cassidy Hutchinson: Meadows and Trump knew that January 6 could lead to violence and mobilize the masses. They also knew that many were armed. (Washington Post) See more An exhausted complaint of the entire GOP: Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony was disgusting. If anyone is surprised, they shouldn’t be. (Atlantic)

A Frack Master’s Master Class: Christopher Faulkner attracted potential oil investors a decade ago with a jargon-filled prospectus, which he pumped hard when crude oil prices began to rise. Expect the spread of similar behaviors again soon. (Bloomberg)

A Plastic recycling does not work and will never work If the plastics industry follows the tobacco industry’s playbook, it can never admit that plastics are a recyclable failure. (Atlantic)

A Behind the scenes, the McKinsey Guided Company is at the center of the opioid crisis The consulting firm offers clients a “deep experience of the drug,” ranging from poppy fields to pills that are more potent than Purdue’s oxycodone. (New York Times) See more Is McKinsey & Co. the root of all evil? In a world where financial disasters have ever occurred, if you look around, somewhere in the background, near McKinsey & Co. (Large image)

A Ships going dark: Smuggling of Russian grain in the Black Sea An FT investigation tracked ships carrying food from Crimea in defiance of international sanctions. (Financial times)

A ‘An invisible cage’: how China is controlling the future More than 1.4 billion people living in China are constantly monitored. These are recorded by police cameras that are everywhere, on street corners and on subway ceilings, in hotel lobbies and in apartment buildings. Their phones are tracked, their purchases are monitored and their online chats are censored. Now, even their future is under surveillance. (New York Times)

A It took 35 years to get the malaria vaccine. Why? The complex biology of the parasite played a role in the delay, but experts say there was also a lack of urgency and funding. (Dark)

A Lottery lawyers won their trust, then lost their mega millions: J. Curland has developed a practice of giving legal and financial advice to jackpot winners He is now charged with fraud. (Bloomberg)

A How a generation of black Americans lost their land to the tax liens The sale of recovered assets has robbed thousands of families of their property – with the potential to increase wealth. (Business Week)

A Death and misery: The story behind Ireland’s ban on abortion and vice versa The death of Sabita Halappanavar in an Irish hospital in 2012 caused outrage across Ireland (US News)

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The United States will support a clear global trend to expand reproductive rights

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