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A American gun culture – in seven charts Firearms death is a constant in American life. There were 1.5 million of them between 1968 and 2017 – more than the number of soldiers killed in each U.S. conflict since the War of Independence in 1776. In 2020, more than 45,000 Americans died at the end of a gun barrel, more than any other year on record. Figure represents 43% growth since 2010 (BBC)

A Lose the market by investing in independence – and avoid places like Russia and China While Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has reduced most emerging-market funds, the Perth Toll Freedom Index Fund has avoided most of the killings কারণ because economies run by dictatorships will never be on its buying list. (Forbes) See more Russia is waking up at the risk of world dictatorship, thanks to China An interview with Perth Toll, founder of the Life and Liberty Index. (Dry stars)

A Each beer market is different Even a cursory glance at a table from the previous beer market reveals the difficulty of doing so, as the lack of a consistent pattern is obvious. A bear can take many forms … (compound)

A Will a recession give investors a cheaper way to enter private equity? According to Jeff Dehle of Adams Street, investors in the secondary PE stack often see some “great buying opportunities in the position”. (Institutional Investors)

A This is the world of tickling now. Facebook just tries to get people to care about it Mark Zuckerberg needs reels to finance his metavers, and you can smell his frustration from Beijing. (Business week)

A The way we talk about “confusion” is toxic Study the literature around words like misinformation, confusion, fake news, and propaganda. Despite the complexity of the terms and the heavy meaning, they have become buzzwords, often thrown around with little fairness. This practice could have serious consequences for those accused of spreading “confusion” and the wider media environment. (Slate)

A Twitter bot, explained Since Elon launched his bid for Twitter last month, I’ve done some accurate research on bots. And by “appropriate” I mean “read all the Twitter engineering blog posts on the subject” (Trong T. Fann) See more The flawed math behind Elon Musk’s Twitter deal For an overvalued company, an over billionaire’s bid could signal the end of an era of magical thinking about the market (Washington Post)

A I fell asleep within a year of the epidemic When the world settled into quarantined hibernation, a serious blow knocked me unconscious, for the most part. (Eli)

A ‘Straight, white, Christian, suburban mother’ is taking Republicans into its own game: Mallya McMaro’s response to a scandalous scandal by a Michigan State Senate colleague that she wanted to “groom” children has gone viral and has been hailed as an intermediate blueprint for Democrats. (Parent)

A The world’s new superhero: Bad Bani In the six years since he left the grocery store, Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio has become one of the most streamed artists alive, a professional wrestling champion, a brand new type of clich–shuttering sex symbol এবং and, later, a Marvel leader. (GQ)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business next week with Adam Parker, founder of Tribute Research. Sunford c. Former head of research at Bernstein, he was the chief US equity strategist at Morgan Stanley and a semi-analyst at the # 1 rank before becoming director of Global Quantum Research. As a member of MS’s Global Investment Committee, he has helped oversee $ 2 trillion in personal assets.

Sales of new single-family homes fell for the 4th consecutive month

Source: Statesman

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