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A Retail trading is about to change: Payment for order flow, etc. I do not know The key situation is: Retail investors can trade for free in the US stock market and get a really good performance in their stock trading. Everyone is mad about it. (Money thing)

A Recession time vs. stock market timing Seven out of 10 Republicans think we’re in a recession right now. More than half of all independents and 43% of Democrats think the same. The unemployment rate is still 3.6%. Wages are rising. Consumers are still spending money like crazy. See also A Wealth of Common Sense Beware of a beer market that is more than a kid Many stock investors have never felt the pain that can cause a long recession and may be mistaken that sales are always short. (Bloomberg)

A Wealthy crypto owners do not spend it There is an asset gap in ownership of cryptocurrency: those who invest in crypto are better off than those who spend or send it. (Quartz)

A Record labels dig their own graves. And Belchati is called Tiktak. Every month, record labels become more and more attached to TikTok — but it now seems addictive. Some have reached the point where they won’t release an album until the music goes viral. (Honest broker)

A Oliver Berkman’s last column: The Eight Secrets of a (fairly) full life After more than a decade of writing life-changing advice, I know when to move on. What else have I learned here? (Parent)

A An easy, effective way to clean a car In the age of electric vehicles, higher gas mileage is more important than ever. (Vox) See more How secure are systems like Tesla Autopilot? No one knows. Automakers and technology companies say they are making driving safer, but these claims are hard to verify. (New York Times)

A Settle on the back of life: His idea was to imagine your future and then go back through time to get out before each step until you reach today’s position. This is the idea of ​​Stephen R. Start with Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People অনুর Similar to 2nd Habit. (Dollars and data)

A This optical illusion has a revelation about your brain and eyes: Your students may expand when you see images like this when your brain is trying to predict the near future. (New York Times)

A How the White House lost Joe Manchin and plans to transform America: After his Fox News interview, Manchin switched off his phone, meaning he missed a call from Biden, who left a frustrated voice mail. When the pair connected, the conversation was heated and exciting. For weeks, Biden and Manchin never spoke again. Personally, the president criticized Manchin to his allies, expressing doubts about his motives. (Washington Post)

A Doctors preserving Clay Thompson’s career and the Warriors dynasty After missing two full seasons, the Golden State Star operating table, the surgeons who treated her and the rehabilitation that could break her but couldn’t help (Wall Street Journal)

Be sure to check out our Business Masters next week with Mobius Capital’s Mark Mobius. Known as the “Godfather of Emerging Markets”, he was tapped by Sir John Templeton in 1987 to run Templeton Emerging Markets, one of the world’s first EM funds. Over the next 30 years, he visited 112 countries, invested in 5,000+ companies, and traveled 1,000,000+ miles. It has helped Templeton Emerging Markets Group grow from $ 100 million in six markets to বিল 40 billion in 70 countries.

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