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A Artwork, anyone? In the case of investing in offbeat Alts Alternative options, such as lawsuit funds and pro sports, redefine non-related assets. (Chief Investment Officer)

A The lights are going out for the crypto laser-eyed gripper Bitcoin’s latest market journey has calmed influential people on social media. This is a welcome development. (Bloomberg) See more Crypto crashes widen a divide: ‘Those who have money will be better off in the end’ No cryptocurrency investor has escaped the pain of falling. But the consequences of losses of more than 700 700 billion are far from over. (New York Times)

A Fight the beer-market blues with the Roth IRA conversion: Roth IRAs are the best retirement plans, and this year’s market crash sold them out (Wall Street Journal)

A Big Japan shorts are back for traders betting against BOJ: The Bank of Japan says it is committed to keeping yields low despite global pressure to raise rates. With the yen depreciating, investors are again skeptical of its intentions. (Bloomberg)

A How Coved Tracking Apps Are Pivoting For Commercial Profits In the early days of the epidemic, government-backed public health apps gained millions of users — a ready-made audience developers eager to tap. (Wire)

A Goldman Sachs has seen losses from consumer push surpassing $ 1.2 billion this year The bank expects new venture losses to accelerate this year, seeing the Main Street venture as the key to lifting Goldman stock. (Bloomberg) But look Has the consumer ever been more prepared for the recession? But if consumer spending is the main driver of economic activity, then from a financial point of view 70% of the economy is in pretty good shape right now. You could argue that the consumer economy was not more prepared for the recession.? (Common sense resource)

A Rural counties are growing, but can it be sustainable? Epidemics and home-based work-movements led to economic revolutions in sparsely populated areas as workers left the big cities. (Wall Street Journal)

A Social media sites can slow down the spread of deadly misinformation through polite intervention According to a new survey, Twitter’s initial efforts could halve the sharing of inaccurate information. (Grid)

A Republicans can rise to victory. Here’s why they don’t. Yet for some reason, the GOP is not working particularly hard to keep these legal developments at the forefront of voter awareness. Instead, Democrats have been loudly drumming up recent Supreme Court rulings, declaring abortion rights a “ballot,” and megaphone economic, social, and medical outcomes as a result of losing the constitutional right to abort. . (Washington Post) See more The The end of Roy means we need a new civil right to privacy We need to consider intimate privacy as a civil right. Civil rights are legal and moral rights whose protection is essential for the development of human beings, for the enjoyment of respect and for the recognition that they belong to themselves. Civil rights guarantee our participation in a democratic society. These are moral rights: they cannot be traded or denied without a valid reason. Civil rights are fundamental rights for everyone. (Slate)

A Wild solar weather is pushing satellites out of orbit. It’s just going to get worse. The change coincides with the start of a new solar cycle and experts believe it could be the start of some difficult years. (Space)

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Trump vs. Dissent: Who will win the 2024 Republican presidential nomination?

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