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A Pimco: The last navigator of the bond bull market California-based asset managers are trying to adapt to rising interest rates and the age of passive investment. (Financial times)

A A bear market reading list. You can see that the S&P 500 and the Dow have not yet officially entered the bear market area, but by other measures we are in the bear market. For even the most indomitable person, a bear market will keep you on edge. A sample of what is happening and how you should react. (Unusual return) See more A VC framework for navigating the down market. Save cash, expand runways, focus on efficiency rather than focusing on growth. The founders seek advice that goes beyond platitude and provides a realistic framework for charting the level of change in assessment and what it means for their next round and their future course. (Future)

A What part of the rangebound did you not understand? It’s not popular behind the scenes when I’m quoted in an article or I go on video or TV and say something like “go out and play” or “the one who loses the most right now”. Advertisers want active and engaged people, not waiting quietly for a moment on the golf course or at the zoo. But I will still say those things, because they are true. And if you really want to build an audience and not just a temporary pageview spike or a momentary increase in ratings, you will tell the truth for a long time and gain crowd loyalty. (Reform brokers)

A How a Trash-Talking Crypto Founder Crash 40 Billion Do Kwon, a South Korean entrepreneur, has hyped Luna and TerraUSD cryptocurrencies. Their failure has devastated some traders, although investors have not been able to cash out the companies quickly. (New York Times)

A What does it take to reduce the almighty dollar? Try a recession, or approval-fuel doubt, or high debt. But Buck’s dominance should continue, experts say. (Chief Investment Officer)

A Your dog is not ready to go back to the office Pets (and their owners) are ready for the inevitable. (NY Times)

A TV on an unprecedented scale: How Dick Wolf Rebounded in a Season of 198 Hour Drama (Variety)

A Random by iPod: The iPod is hitting the market, which means it’s about to be the best time to consider many audio players. (Tedium) See more Music survives: IPod Touch Available After Supply (Apple)

A How the ‘Quarantine Atlas’ map turned 65 lives upside down In maps and articles, a new book by Bloomberg CityLab charts less visible changes in the global epidemic. (Citylab)

A It works with the main team Spinal Tap Sequel Director Rob Rainer is bringing back the cast of the much-loved rock documentary for a follow-up set for release in 2024. (The Guardian)

Gerard K. this weekend. Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview with O’Reilly who serves as Co-CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Dimensional Fund Advisors. He has developed DFA’s approach to creating and implementing investment solutions. Previously, he was head of research, managing the firm’s rigorous, scientific approach to interpreting, testing and applying research in portfolios.

Serious bear market valuations tend to see both a decline and a recession in earnings. So far, this has only been a P / E correction

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