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A Dunking on Ackman; When can we say stagflation? In multiple tweets on Tuesday, the founder of Pursing Square argued that the Federal Reserve should now aggressively raise rates to reduce price pressures so as not to raise prices too much overall. An observation that would have been more accurate a few months ago. (Bloomberg) See more How inflation has become America’s biggest economic problem Last time inflation was so high, Fed engineers created a severe recession. Unfortunately, the problem is much more complex now. Could the off-ramp of speaking inflation be better this time around? (Grid)

A How to weather this stock market storm: For some Main Street investors, this year’s fall doesn’t seem like a disaster. This seems like an opportunity. (Wall Street Journal)

A Lithium Mining: How New Manufacturing Technologies Can Fuel the Global EV Revolution. Lithium is the driving force behind electric vehicles, but will supply keep pace with demand? New technology and supply sources can fill the gaps. (McKinsey) See more This is where the dirty old car dies: The electric vehicle revolution is gaining momentum — but what about those polluting cars already on the road? (Wire)

A One person has helped Credit Suisse earn billions from Russian tycoons: A charismatic fixer has made the Swiss bank a major destination for Russia’s rich. Then war and sanctions get in the way. (Bloomberg)

A Endless uncertainty. But now there is more uncertainty than there was one or two or five years ago. This means that the future was more predictable in the past before the epidemic hit and inflation rose and before the war started. But it wasn’t, of course. The risk was always there. People were just blind to them. (Collaborative Fund) See more Nightingale uncertainty.Pundits may hate uncertainty – it shows their stupidity – but markets do not have this kind of bias. Markets thrive on uncertainty – this is why they exist. (Large image)

A Mark Zuckerberg is taking to Instagram to try using Tiktok The CEO of Meta Platform needs Reel, his short-form video feature to finance his Metaverse, and you can smell his frustration from Beijing. (Bloomberg)

A Where does the supply chain crisis stand now? There are signs that the tide may turn despite challenges in some sectors. (Dry stars)

A Skill is the enemy: There is a good chance that most of the problems in your life and work will come down to inadequate relaxation. Here’s how Slack works and why it needs more. (Farnam Street)

A 5 facts about American guns. The country can change the catastrophic situation without violating the Second Amendment. Indeed, many such reforms are extremely popular. But dozens of Republican senators are blocking it. The death toll is rising. (Popular info) See more From Sandy Hook to Buffalo: Ten years of gun control failure Among thousands of people, Biden has played a central role in the failed attempt to enact significant firearms legislation. (Washington Post)

A Why are American chips so annoying? International chip flavors seem to have all the fun. But to get a chip flavor like hot pot or fried crab in America, the snack industry needs to change the way it does everything. (Eater)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business next week with Adam Parker, founder of Tribute Research. Sunford c. Former head of Bernstein’s research, he was the # 1 ranking semi-analyst before becoming Morgan Stanley’s chief U.S. equity strategist and director of Global Quantum Research. As a member of MS’s Global Investment Committee, he has helped manage $ 2 trillion in personal assets.

Bitcoin’s correlation with the Nasdaq 100 index has reached a new all-time high

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