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My two-for-Tuesday morning The train WFH reads:

A How long does it take for a bear to stock up on the market? The good news is that it usually takes a lot longer to reach a 20% loss than below, which means when you consider that not every beer market goes to extremes. It took an average of 21 months to break even from the bottom of the last 12 beer markets. (Common sense resource) See more The stock will not historically go down until the Fed eases After posting the S&P 500, the worst week since March 2020, investors are asking how long it will sell. (Wall Street Journal)

A Power of the Twelve: The New Emperor of the Financial Industry Concerns are growing among some investors, corporate executives, regulators, policymakers and politicians. Academics have even coined the term “asset manager capitalism” to describe the new reality of a financial system that is now dominated by money managers rather than banks. (Financial times)

A The market will continue to beat until inflation improves: Fed Triggers New Concerns About Inflation (TKer) See more We are not in recession, or inevitable. Americans are just as angry about inflation. Not enough reason to celebrate a strong labor market. But, we’re not going into a hurricane, we’re getting out of there. (Stay at home Macro)

A Let it go: The most important investment question is not, “Can I make the highest return?” This is, “Can I maintain the best return for the longest time?” (Collaborative Fund)

A Lehman Moment of Crypto Just Head. What next? In the wake of Terra’s defeat, crypto investors face a tough truth. (Institutional Investors) See more Bitcoin was not supposed to be a hedge against inflation? If inflation continues at its current rate, the purchasing power of dollar-denominated assets will halve in the next eight years. But cryptocurrencies can lose: they can lose half their value in just a few months. (New York Times)

A The leaked Amazon memo warns that the company is running out of people to hire Unions cannot be the biggest labor threat of the technology giant. (Vox)

A Cavid cases have increased, but deaths have decreased: Most Americans now carry some immunizations, experts say, whether it’s a vaccine, an infection, or both. (New York Times) See more Should my child get a coronavirus vaccine? Is it safe? Here’s what you should know. (Washington Post)

A Can Ron Descent replace Donald Trump as GOP’s warrior-in-chief? Fiercely opposed to the masked mandate and the “awakened” ideology, the governor of Florida has expressed the same anger as the former president, but with more discipline. (New Yorker)

A Is human intelligence easy? Part 1: Evolution and Archeology How did we become so smart? (Rough diamond) See more Pseudoscience at the heart of biology: For many centuries, zoological law has taught that sexual inequality is inevitable. The women then began to study Darwin for themselves. (Wire)

A History of rock music in 500 songs We must start somewhere, and there is no boundary between what is and what is not rock and roll, so we are starting well before rock and roll in 1939. In fact we are starting with the swing. . (500 songs)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business this week with Dr. Charles Strom, who has been leading the way in genetic testing for more than 3 decades, leading forensic tests for criminal forensics and paternity appeal. He has spent 16 years at Quest Diagnostics, as medical director for genetic testing, and has dramatically expanded the company’s range of diagnostic tests. Currently, he is the CEO and co-founder of Liquid Diagnostics.

Completion of housing in 2022 will increase rapidly

Source: Calculated Risk

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