10 Tuesday AM read – big picture

A America has squandered the opportunity to move the economy forward: Interest rates were lower year after year. Think how much the country could do. (Atlantic) See more Rising interest rates will soon make the necessary infrastructure repairs more expensive. (2013) More Expensive (The Bigger Picture)

A Flight canceled? Dirty clothes? Disappointing food? Blame the skimflation, the hidden curse of 2022 Reluctant to raise prices, refusing to make a profit, travel companies, retailers and restaurateurs are usually cutting corners wherever they can without telling their customers. Poor quality new normal? (Parent)

A Mike Novogratz is wrong with his Big Crypto and what lies ahead for Bitcoin Crypto crashes, Luna and more broadly in the industry, have burned the galaxy’s portfolio and, presumably, a portion of Novogratz’s total assets. To be fair, in our last conversation, at the top of the cryptocurrency last year, he advised newly wealthy crypto investors to “be prudent, get some chips and buy a home if you can afford it.” (New York Magazine) See more Can the richest person in crypto tolerate cold? Changpeng has turned Zhao Binance into the world’s largest digital currency exchange. He is now facing a regulatory crackdown in a brutal crypto winter. (Business Week)

A GM and Ford, driving to bit Tesla, turn on each other Detroit’s biggest rivalry for the dominance of electric cars is intensifying; Silverrado vs. F-150 Lightning: GM plans to flood the market with dozens of EV models across a wide spectrum of pricing. Ford plans a narrow range of models but emphasizes market momentum. (Wall Street Journal)

A Goodbye, Robin HoodI have traded stocks, options, ETFs, mutual funds and bonds; I know my way about trading programs from Instinct to Bloomberg to SOES to Nasdaq Level III. In terms of interface and user experience, Robinhood was less like those professional products – it was closer to Candicrush than NQDS. (The big picture) See more 2022 Inter Trading Guide In our guide to market structure, we talked about how all stocks have a National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO). The starting point for the way all orders are traded. (Nasdaq) See more Goodbye Robin Hood

A Water investment is no longer just an environmental game “It’s an industry that specializes [by] Some of the most positive long-term, the ability of any industry to have inflation-protected pricing, ”said Matthew Deserio of Water Asset Management. (Institutional Investors)

A The bad economic news is that the Fed is looking: The economy has been surprisingly depressing. (TKer) See more The metals have not crumbled so hard since the Great Recession Prices of copper, tin and other metals fell last week as fears of a recession increased. (Bloomberg)

A How Parental Trauma Leaves Biological Traces In Children Adverse experiences can change future generations through epigenetic pathways. (Scientific American)

A Supreme Court’s gun ruling sets boring new precedent: ignoring scientific evidence The biased 6-3 decision invalidates “any way-end test” in the concealment-carrying law, avoiding scientific evidence of the dangers of firearms. (Grid) See more The legitimacy of the Supreme Court has already been lost: Regardless of the fall of the row, leaked, and ignored by the court for the public it is supposed to serve, has already gone too far. (Slate)

A Natural magic: Disney’s masterpiece, the creation of Snow White, provides a preview of what might happen with our AI algorithms that are sophisticated enough for sensitive animals (adjacent potential)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview with Jonathan Miller this weekend to discuss real estate, home sales, rent and whether cities are dead. Miller is the CEO and co-founder of Miller Samuel, whose real estate-related data and analyzes have become the norm for the residential real estate appraisal and brokerage industries.

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