10 Tuesday AM Read – Big picture

A The office tower has a new job: As workers decide to stay home, developers are packing commercial buildings with mixed facilities to private and public spaces. (Bloomberg) See more Staff are coming back to the office, and coming out More LGBT employees who maintained individual personalities at home and at work said they would no longer do so, after blurring the line between the epidemic personal and professional (WSJ).

A If the United States is in a recession, it is a very strange one Economic output has declined but the job market is strong against the previous recession. (Wall Street Journal)

A What is the price in the stock market? The S&P 500 is down nearly 20% from its all-time high. It is certain that the stock market is currently setting a price in an impending recession. But it is important to remember that the stock market does not have a perfect track record of pricing in the event of a premature economic contraction. (Common sense resource) See more The more Vix, the more clicks. George Carlin was knowledgeable about this forty-five years ago. The news business is actually an advertising business. They pay to attract the eyeballs as much as possible and no one hears that everything is fine. The rainbow does not attract attention like fire. (Irrelevant investors)

A In times of trouble: The United States has fundamental strength, but politics has put us at a difficult juncture. Tough junction (Nohpinion)

A Mosquito middle: It’s the hard part. The push to stay in the bear market is quickly cut off. Some things blow up and the damage is not evenly distributed. Some things are fine – protective stock, utilities, etc. Down but not down outside. Some things look awful – in most hit sectors (technology, this time around) drawdowns have been going on for some time since the bear market was really established for the ever-expanding average. (Reform brokers) See more Too late to sell, too early to buyহওয়ার Being a seller here means you believe 3 things: 1. S&P will be reduced by at least 25-30% from here, above -23% ytd; 2. Your capital gain will be less than the rest of the tax drop; 3. You will be able to get back down or closer. (Large image)

A Anatomy of product placement: Since consumers avoid advertising and streaming content balloons, the brand’s goal is to be everywhere at once. (New York Times)

A With sweep and speed, the Conservatives of the Supreme Court ushered in a new era Supreme Court Conservatives usher in a new era with broom and speed – Washington Post (Washington Post) See more Clarence Thomas’s latest gun decision is historical and anti-originalist. One of the most notable features of Justice Stephen Breyer’s sharp dissent in Bruin is his open assessment of the terrible quality of history by his colleagues. Calling judges to be involved in the “history of the law office” is a degraded form of legal analysis that aligns history with the desired edge of the judge or judges’ choice, an issue that scholars have criticized the court to practice with the Supreme Court. Some frequencies. (Slate)

A He is the best cyclist in the world. He’s only getting better. Slovenia’s Tadej Pogakar is 23 years old and has already won the Tour de France twice. With a three-pit on the line, the legend of all time is creating discussion. (Wall Street Journal)

A The People vs. Donald Trump Evidence of a possible criminal case against the former president is being submitted. (Atlantic) See more The case has become even stronger for the trial of Donald Trump New evidence suggests a smoking gun may have been produced. (Sent)

A ‘No Alien, No Spaceship, No Invasion of Earth’: An oral history of communication, a sci-fi movie that denies the rules of Hollywood and somehow magnifies it.. “I think people have been amazed by the amount of resonance,” said Jodie Foster, who played Eli Arrowway in Communications, the movie reception. “It simply came to our notice then. We made movies that were resonant and entertaining. ” (Vulture)

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