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A The stock market drop is hitting a lot of 401 (k) s at the moment Target-debt funds, a popular retirement-savings option, are invested in more stocks than investors might think. (Wall Street Journal) See more The pain of the market is not over, but you will get through it Our columnist says that the turmoil in the financial markets is not so confusing when considering the problems that the Federal Reserve is grappling with. (New York Times)

A 1966-1982 Was the Stock Market Really Bad? This long, drawn-out sideway market is one of the ultimate devil’s advocacy positions for those who like to argue the stock against a difficult long-term investment. Although it was technically an adjacent market we need to keep some context around this time frame. (Common sense resource)

A Where is inflation going? Nine signs to look for: Economists are particularly interested in what current price pressures indicate for the long term (Wall Street Journal) See more There are 15 ways consumers can cope with rising inflation and benefit from it. Strategies: Calculate your personal inflation rate and buy the car you are leasing (Wall Street Journal)

A The standard of living in Japan is very low: a lot of hard work and not enough to show it: But below the glitter of the exterior of that fantasy-land, Japan as a whole is not exactly prosperous. Over the decades, real wages in the country have been declining. (Nohpinion)

A How Jack Welch’s reign in GE gave us Elon Musk’s Twitter feed The one-time ‘Manager of the Century’ paved the way for CEOs to go to the canopy as an internet troll. (New York Times) See more GE CEO: Overrated Jack Welch vs. Underrated Jeff Emmelt The two chief executives of General Electric Co. were dealt with very differently. (Large image)

A “Covid Zero” is crushing China Both production and use are crated in April. The impact on the rest of the world is uncertain. (Overshoot)

A Insiders of the company have leaked Tesla’s position on the security of Elon Musk Dock: ‘Elon Musk’s Crash Course’ about Tesla Autopilot, describes a corporate culture of hype over science. (Los Angeles Times) See more Elon Musk’s best Twitter friend is a 23-year-old Indian engineer who has never met Musk has mentioned the Twitter handle of 23-year-old engineer Pranay Pathol more than 400 times since 2018. (Buzzfeed)

A Travel tips from people who have visited every country on earth and in space Pack a sheet, leave the wedding ring at home, and avoid street food. (Pursuit)

A If you think that free speech is defined by your ability to be an ass without results, you will not understand free speech Free speech does not mean the right to be free from the consequences of that speech. (Technology Dirt) See more “Free speech” should mean more than ridiculing trans people Elon Musk, social media content moderation, and free speech culture. (Balwark)

A ‘Redemption is a Strong Idea’: Hayden Christensen and Darth Vader dare to return to Star Wars: When he first portrayed Darth Vader in the multi-pand Star Wars prequel 20 years ago, fans were outraged. So why is he taking more risks in the new TV series? He talks about George Lucas, the pressure of fame and his love for bulldozers (The Guardian)

Don’t forget to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend. O’Reilly, co-chief executive officer and chief investment officer at Dimensional Fund Advisors, which manages $ 650 billion in client assets. Previously, he was head of research at DFA, managing the firm’s rigorous approach to interpreting, testing, and applying research to portfolios.

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