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7 Morning in the middle of my week The train WFH reads:

A The war in Ukraine is fueling the global food crisis. Russia’s aggression in Ukraine in late February has dramatically worsened the outlook for global food prices. Post-epidemic global demand, extreme weather, tightening food stocks, high energy prices, supply chain disruptions and export restrictions and taxes have put pressure on the food market for two years, with the recent combination of all these factors being unprecedented and unprecedented. Shipped food inflation rates spiking around the world. (Reuters)

A We are not in recession, or inevitable. Americans are just as angry about inflation. Not enough reason to celebrate a strong labor market. But, we’re not going into a hurricane, we’re getting out of there. (Stay-at-home macro) See more Are we in recession? (No) The Philly Fed’s monthly state index chart shows no signs of contraction in any of the 50 states. Each of the 6 previous recessions since 1979 showed early warning that a recession was likely to increase as the number of expanding states dropped from 50 to 45, 40A and 35. (The big picture)

A The tech decade of stock-market domination is now over The collapse of the sector is the worst since 2002; Price Investors Embrace Victory (Wall Street Journal)

A $ 100 Million Cars New $ 100 Million Artwork? A rare Mercedes sold for 3 143 million, doubling the last record. Are cars so expensive, or are automobiles the only new asset where billionaires park their funds? (Vanity Fair)

A Vanguard Case Study: Active vs. Passive Investing What if Vanguard shareholders actively invested in the company’s Growth and Value Index Fund instead? (Dry stars)

A How ‘untrustworthy’ is Bitcoin really? In mythology, cryptocurrencies are egalitarian, decentralized and all anonymous. The reality is very different, scientists have found. (New York Times)

A Abe Shinzo made that Japan The most important prime minister in half a century has changed the country in three big ways. (Nohpinion)

A Ukraine’s strategies are showing small countries how to fight Lesson learned: Make yourself thorny so that no superpower can swallow you. (Business Week)

A What the TSA can teach Congress about gun control TSA PreCheck uses advanced background testing to keep everyone safe. (Vox)

A A picture can change the world. I know, because I took one that did. Can a picture help end the war? Photographs of Ukraine by war photographers, including contract photographer James Knottway and Associated Press photojournalists Felipe Dana, Mastislav Chernov and Evgeny Maloletka, illuminate the horrific consequences of the Russian invasion and the insensitivity of innocent civilians. Fifty years ago, I was in the same position as those photographers, working for the Associated Press in Vietnam. (Washington Post)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Dan Chung, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Alzar Management, which manages $ 35.3 billion in client assets. After graduating from Harvard Law Review, he served as Law Clerk for the Honorable Justice Anthony M. Kennedy of the United States Supreme Court. On September 11, the firm lost 35 people, including its CEO, and donated the Alger 35 ETF in their memory.

Rapid EV rise to the top of internal combustion, then accelerates the fall

Source: Bloomberg

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