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Weekend here! Pour yourself a mug of Southdown coffee, grab a seat outside and get ready to read our long form weekend:

A The end of Lehman Brothers: LEH’s long, slow death is almost complete The bank collapse that triggered the 2008 financial crisis is largely dead. At the end of it all, the participants are before the final case of the court. (Bloomberg)

A Heaven in Crypto Arcade: Inside the Web 3 Revolution The new movement seeks to liberate us from big tech and exploitative capitalism — simply using blockchain, game theory, and code. What could be the possible mistakes? (Wire) See more The vision of a crypto emperor: no pants, his rules: Sam Bankman-Fried is a study-scattered billionaire who has made a fortune in overseeing highly risky business for the US market. Now he wants Washington to follow in his footsteps. (New York Times)

A London’s Lost Ringway: A monstrous plan to build a major motorway through some of London’s largest neighborhoods is thwarted. But the price was the birth of the NIMBY movement, and the enduring limit of Britain’s infrastructural ambitions. (Work in progress)

A Who owns Einstein? The most famous face fight in the world Albert Einstein in 1951. Photograph: Arthur Sauce / Batman Archive Thanks to an intelligent lawyer in California, Albert Einstein has made a lot more posthumously in his lifetime. But is that what the great scientist wanted? (Parent)

A Case for the Revolution in Child Care in America Suskind’s key message: Creating a nurturing, interactive environment for children from zero to 3 years of age is vital for their development – and many children are falling behind in these critical times. Kindergarten – even pre-school – can be too late for intervention and try to close an opportunity gap that begins to open at birth. He argues that we need to start earlier. (NPR)

A The angry white Democrat who paved the way for Trump Fifty years ago, George Wallace, the Democratic president, won the primary. The gunfight ended his campaign, but not the political forces he liberated. https://www.washingtonpost.com/history/interactive/2022/george-wallace-trump-white-anger/

A The Touring Trap: Promises and dangers of artificial intelligence like humans Intelligence (Daedalus)

A The birth of Spy Tech: From ‘Detectiphone’ to a buggy martini The urge to snoop is as old as time and in the 1950s, the aggression of electronic listening began. (Wire)

A Where does space, time and gravity come from? Einstein’s description of curved space-time does not easily merge with the universe formed by quantum wave function. Theoretical physicist Shawn Carroll discusses quantum gravity research with host Steven Strogatz. (Quanta Magazine)

A Young Yankees fan who lost his autograph After an unbearably quiet dinner, she posted a broken-hearted message around 7pm, explaining to the world what her young son had lost and what it meant to get it back. It was a semi-court custody, and the whole family went to bed that night unaware that an improbable savior was about to appear overnight: the Internet. (ESPN)

Don’t forget to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend. O’Reilly, co-chief executive officer and chief investment officer at Dimensional Fund Advisors, which manages $ 650 billion in client assets. Previously, he was head of research at DFA, managing the firm’s rigorous approach to interpreting, testing, and applying research to portfolios.

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