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Weekend here! Pour yourself a mug of Volcanica coffee, grab a seat by the pool, and get ready to read our long-form weekend:

A How the brain ‘builds’ the outside world Neurological activity searches your physical surroundings to select only the information needed for survival and development. (Scientific American)

A The middle class is shrinking Americans are increasingly living in areas that are either much richer or much poorer than the regional norm. (New York Times) See more What’s behind that ‘no trespass’ sign?: At one time there was free movement of people in America. Then came the Civil War and after that a new crime was invented. (Atlantic)

A The women wanted to fly jets in battle. That barrier will be broken in their life struggle. In the early 1990s, some of the military’s corner fighters were as rude as the world of fighter pilots. This is the story of the female Navy officers who managed to fly the horrible F-14 beyond that culture. (Vox)

A What is happening with the crazy housing market? Rising mortgage rates. The rhythm of home sales. Skyrocketing rent. Here’s how to make money in a wonderful real estate market. (New York Times)

A The makers of the iPhone have revealed results that they never expected: Not even Apple’s own executives সাথে with front row seats to develop the core features of the iPhone তেন knew how to change the world (Wall Street Journal)

A ‘London Bridge Is Down’: The Secret Plan of the Days After the Queen’s Death He is respected all over the world. He has surpassed 12 U.S. presidents. He stands for stability and discipline. But his kingdom is in turmoil, and his subjects are denying that his kingdom will ever end. That is why there are plans for palaces. (Parent)

A The best word of the year is: sophistry. Well, it deserves to be anyway Despite the shallowness of their thinking, the Sophists have far more influence than honest and serious thinkers, especially when it comes to politics and policy. This is because Sophist’s speeches are always shaped by what their listeners want to hear. (Honest broker)

A Is there anything that General Z will not drink? Alcohol brands are thinking of fueling and satisfying a new drinking culture outside the bottle (Bloomberg)

A NASA engineer who worked on the James Webb Space Telescope: Greg Robinson has turned a 10 billion failure into a groundbreaking scientific mission. Each moonshot results in marginal improvement. (Wall Street Journal)

A Inside a superfan’s secret friendship with Eddie Van Helen: In the last five years of his life, Rock Icon had secret correspondence with a former music journalist, gossip, grips, hope, fear – and expressed himself in a way that had never happened before. (Rolling Stone)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Spencer Jacob, editor and author of The Wall Street Journal’s Hard on the Street column. In front of the tape Column He began his career as an analyst at Credit Suisse, where he eventually became director of emerging market equity research. He is the author of “That wasn’t the revolution: Gamestop, Reddit and the flirting of small investors

China is cutting tariffs? Tariff reductions are seen as a potential weapon against inflation

Source: Bloomberg

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