1970 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Euro 4-speed

The weather has been pleasant recently, suitable for open-top cruising. What could be more beautiful than an evening drive at a pagoda-topped SL?

The Mercedes-Benz (W113) two-seater roadster / coupe was introduced at the 1963 Geneva Motor Show. Production of the 230SL lasted from 1963 to 1971 and the large-engine 280 SL made in 1967-71. MB produced 48,912 W113 SLs, of which 19,440 were destined for the U.S. coast.

Known as the “Pagoda”, the 280SL is an elegant and small 2-door 2-seater. The soft top also comes with a removable hard top. It’s a beautiful 1960s car: simple, well-proportioned, and built like a bank vault.

4-speed manual transmission
7 Fuel-injected, 2,778cc engine Six-cylinder engine
• The M130 engine produces 168 hp @ 5750

Owning a pagoda was more about style and grace than full speed. The car was a sporty GT, not an outright speedster.

When new, the 1970 280 SL, the price was from 6,485− to, 7,909. Adjusted for inflation since 1970, which is equivalent to 22 2022 50,146.55 – 61,157.91.

I bought one of these almost many times, but couldn’t find the right car or the right price. If you want a project, you can find one for 25-45k; -50-75k for clean drivers; The 90-point Concourse version is sold for 6 Figure Plus.

I really like the white exterior with a navy blue interior combo like this beauty below (with a clue canvas soft top and removable white aluminum hard top); It was (yet another reserve met) a bid of $ 62,000 but failed to sell.

Source: Bring A Trailer

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