Don’t read this blog post

My inbox is overflowing, and so I’m collecting some of my email subscriptions.

Out: Everything is hyperbolic, hair-on-fire, over the top.

Inside: Something insightful, thoughtful, self-reflecting.

I want to be Counter algorithmic.

I want to read Experience And Skills From those people with a good record of identifying neglected aspects of reality. It is rare, valuable and useful.

I don’t want to reward sites that are attention-seeking and unprepared; Pressing the button of emotion, creating annoyance or filling it with call to action – these are gone.

Delete, unsubscribe, marked as spam, mute, blocked.

All media are competing for your attention – including print, TV, social media, newsletters, blogs, etc. Bye friends! The more offensive, the better for any one of these which rewards the most attention-grabbing click-bait claim.

This type of junk media is counterproductive for both your investment success and your mental health. If this or any other post annoys or annoys you, don’t read them! Leave membership to them if they bother you or hurt you.

It is not just a matter of money, but a matter of time and attention, and maintaining a healthy mental outlook. Information hygiene is as important as evaluation of subsequent results. Fill your head with rubbish and it guarantees all but future behavioral mistakes.

Garbage Inside, Garbage Out: Reducing your waste media usage will go a long way towards all kinds of good results.

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