Federal testing defeat multiplied Covid murder

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Bitter cold January afternoon, a line of people waiting for a free COVID test around the block at the Public Library in Rockville, Maryland. The scene reminds me of the East Germans who lined up in the 1980s to receive their potato and surrogate rations. But some people waiting in Rockville have admitted that their plight is the latest in a long series of federal fiascos created by the headquarters of a federal agency a few miles away.

At the start of the COVID-19 epidemic in March 2020, President Donald Trump ridiculously announced that “anyone who wants to get tested can get a test.” That was the shelf then, and unfortunately, in spite of political commitments, it is still Malarki.

Booched testing under Trump

Centers for Disease Control completely circumvented the initial testing system, sending fake, contaminated tests to state and local health departments to identify covids that give false readings. Trump boasted that these tests were “perfect.” The Food and Drug Administration has helped turn the coronavirus from a deadly threat into a national catastrophe. Long after the destruction of foreign countries and the identification of many cases in the United States, the FDA blocked private testing and forced the country’s most innovative agencies to submit to its command-and-control system and meet irrelevant criteria for approval. I warned in a part of April 2020 for the Mrs. Institute, “The FDA’s blockade on coronavirus testing could kill many Americans in the next few weeks and months. Should we consider those victims as martyrs for the sake of bureaucratic supremacy? FDA Commissioner Stephen Han closed his agency’s catastrophic policies in 2020: “There is always room to learn from such situations.” As New York Times Reported late last year, “The [CDC] Delivery of faulty test kits, at a time when no other tests were authorized, delayed the efforts of health officials to detect and track the virus. “

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden used his failures to portray himself as St. George, who will save the American people. In June 2020, Biden President Franklin D. Roosevelt Roosevelt promised to set up a “pandemic testing board” similar to the War Production Board. Biden hit out at Trump’s perceived disregard for Covid and rallied voters with a promise: “I’ll stop the virus.” A biden campaign plan promises to “greatly expand a nationwide campaign and ensure regular, reliable, and free access to testing.” Shortly before election day, Biden announced that the United States needed “quick, inexpensive screening tests that you can take at home or at school. Look, what we have now is not good enough.”

Biden’s empty promise

In his first week in office in January 2021, Biden created the COVID-19 epidemic test board. A few days later, Biden promised that his congressional legislation on the American Rescue Plan would “increase testing.” In his televised speech on the first anniversary of the March 11 lockdown, Biden promised, “We will continue to work to make the test available at home.” However, next month, when a team of health officials pressured the White House to “buy millions faster” [COVID] Test, “administration rejects offer.

In July, Biden promised, “We’re going to set up things like testing to expand virus detection.” As the Delta variant encouraged the growth of a COVID case, Biden promised in September that he would “take steps to make testing more available, more affordable” so that “every American, regardless of their income, can access free and convenient testing.”

The following month, top health experts from Harvard and the Private Foundation pressured the Biden administration to buy 700 million COVID test kits for distribution to Americans in December before the winter surge. Biden denied last month that he had rejected such an offer, however Vanity Fair His officials have revealed details of how the plan was scrapped. An official of the Biden administration has given this information The Washington Post That “White House health aides believe that once Americans are vaccinated, very few people will need to be tested.” The administration’s mistakes were further complicated by the fact that the CDC first ignored and then reduced the spread of infection among fully vaccinated Americans.

The Biden team has continued deliberate thinking instead of testing. In a December 7 White House briefing, Biden Covid Tsar Jeff Giants declared, “Everyone in America has access to free testing in an efficient and effective way, and we have created multiple access points for free testing.” Nearly two years after the epidemic, Kovid was as confused as the Giants Trump at the start of the defeat.

After the turmoil began in December with rising infection rates and a serious shortage of tests, Biden declared on January 4: [on testing]. See, we have more capacity for personal testing and we should shorten the waiting lines and free up more appointments. Biden promised, “One, drugstores and online websites are recovering. Two, you know – well, in fact, so more tests are available, we’re going to be available.” Biden boasted that private insurance companies would have to reimburse people for the cost of testing at home, but this was a small consolation for people who could not find a test anywhere.

Biden took another victory when he announced that the Postal Service would provide 500 million free COVID tests to Americans requesting them. But the experiments came long after Omicron variants set records for infection and disrupted the lives of Americans. The postal rescue mission was frustrating in many areas as tests were lost for more than a few hours at temperatures below freezing. Perhaps the National Weather Service should have been ordered to ensure warmer temperatures for Biden’s coveted test delivery? One critic sneered at Facebook, “Of course, our skilled postal bureaucrats will provide these tests in a timely manner for your funeral.”

Failure of government examination

Since the outbreak of the Kovid epidemic, the federal government has relied on a command-and-control system that minimizes personal innovation and maximizes reliance on federal bureaucrats. As ProPublica reports, “many companies have been hampered by an in-house FDA review process that has stunned experts and even forced an agency reviewer to leave in despair.” David Paltiel, a professor at the Yale School of Public Health, said: “It’s a matter of frustration that quick tests aren’t cheap and bulky on grocery shelves” – because they’re not paralyzed in many European countries where private companies are meaningless. Bureaucratic orders. Irene Bosch, an MIT scientist who created a rapid covid test in early 2020 that was blocked by the FDA, lamented, “You may have antigens. [rapid] Life-saving tests since the beginning of the epidemic. This is a sad story. “

Scott Linsecom, a lecturer at Duke Law School, recently mentioned Baron’s That latest “stabilization” is “the president’s sixth promise to subsidize and plan for abundance testing.” Germany allows the sale of more than 60 fast covid tests, “including several made in the United States for export only.” Germans can easily buy a test for one dollar while many Americans cannot find and buy a test at any price. Instead of adequate testing, “the Biden administration spent 11 months and countless taxpayer dollars trying to increase internal test production when the most urgent need was to remove existing regulatory barriers and let the world economy do its job,” Linsicom noted.

As reported by Propablia, the FDA has:

He was never enthusiastic about letting people test themselves. In the 1980’s, the FDA banned home testing for HIV because those who tested positive could harm themselves if they did not receive counseling at the same time. In the 2010s, the agency cracked down on home genetic testing kits, worrying that people might make rash medical decisions as a result.

David Kessler, Biden’s chief science officer for the Covid response, illustrated this mentality in his 1992 announcement when he was FDA commissioner: “If members of our society are empowered to make their own decisions, then the whole argument [FDA] Existence will cease. “Kessler ridiculed” freedom of choice “as an illusion unless people are presented with only government-approved choices. Kessler pushed through” reforms “that increased the FDA’s power over the medical industry and claimed that As a result, the FDA was “a place where, again, good guys can win.” And how can Americans be sure that FDA agents were good people? Because they worked for the government.

Unfortunately, few Americans recognize the FDA’s fingerprints on the Covid Testing disaster. Home to the FDA in Montgomery County, Maryland, about 95 percent of the county’s adults have already received at least one Covid wax injection. For residents of this liberal county, trusting government officials is the surest way to prove their “belief in science.” Very few people have been tempted to stand in line with a bunch of potentially ill people in the bitter cold for long periods of time so that they can take a test that proves they are healthy enough to take a flight, go back to school or go. A doctor’s appointment.

Nevertheless, Montgomery County Executive Mark Elrich issued a statement on February 10 claiming victory: “I am very proud and satisfied with the flexibility and adaptability of our government and our community. Such a success has been delivered to us for the last one month [1.5 million] Take the test home quickly. But much of the test was delivered long after the rise of the Covid case from the Omicron variant to the top. Elrich’s pride is like a football player kicking a field goal a few hours after the end of a football game.

Testing results were characteristic of unexpected reactions to the Kovid epidemic. In his first full day in office, Biden unveiled his national strategy for COVID-19 response and epidemic preparedness. “Goal 1” was to “rebuild the confidence of the American people” by promising transparency in federal health and scientific policy. That promise was quickly overturned as a forgotten campaign promise. Although a biden memo pledged to end “inappropriate political interference in the work of federal scientists,” top vaccine experts from the Food and Drug Administration resigned in protest of White House pressure to shoot rubber-stamped covid booster shots for all adults. The FDA wants to delay the full disclosure of Pfizer’s application for COVID vaccine approval for 75 years. The CDC has covered the lion’s share of so-called “breakthrough” infections among fully vaccinated individuals, enabling Biden to falsely claim last July that those who have been vaccinated will not get covid. February 20, d New York Times The CDC reported that it had decided not to release its data on covid vaccines and groundbreaking infections because it feared the data “could be misinterpreted as vaccines are ineffective.” What else is the CDC hiding?

The Kovid-19 epidemic has dispelled the myth that politicians spend more than শ 100 billion a year on science and public health to keep Americans safe. Unfortunately, there is no cure for blind faith in the government. Federal health agencies have done more wrong than anyone expected during the epidemic. What Uncle Sam can do is get out of the way of personal effort to help Americans recognize the risks to their own lives.

James Boward

James Boward

James Boward is the author of ten books, including Public Policy Huligan, Attention Deficit Democracy, The Bush Betrayal, and Lost Rights: The Destruction of American Liberty. He has written for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Playboy, Washington Post, New Republic, Reader’s Digest and many more. He is a member of the USA Today Board of Contributors, a frequent contributor to The Hill, and a contributing editor for the American Conservatives.

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