MIB: Adam Parker, Tribute Research

This week, we speak with Adam Parker, the founder and CEO of Tribute Research. Previously, he was the chief US equity strategist and director of Global Quantitative Research at Morgan Stanley, and has been ranked multiple times as a top strategist and quantitative researcher by Institutional Investor Magazine. Parker co-authored a groundbreaking paper on gender diversity as a risk factor. He holds a BS / MS degree in Statistics and a PhD. Statistics from Boston University.

At Morgan Stanley, he has analyzed 3,500 analytical observations over 7 years. Excess weight (half overweight, half equal or underweight) loses ও 4% to underweight; He also ran a Quant model, where the top quintile defeated the lower quintile by 9%; After all, combining basic and quantitative models, if you only buy the proposed items and minimize what you both dislike, it generates a 13% return.

A year ago, Trivirate Quant made an aggressive call in the long run because of Triple Crown: upward earnings correction, positive price momentum, and cheap valuation vs. history. As he recommended, Energy Tech has lost 50%. He does not predict maximum oil demand in the next 10 years.

Parker further suspects that the Fed is pushing the economy into recession and believes there are many long / short term opportunities. We also discuss semiconductors and why it took so long to ramp up after the epidemic; Things are starting to get normal, but there are still a few quarters to go.

Here is a list of his current readings; A transcript of our conversation over the weekend is available here.

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The current reading of Adam Parker

Lessons from the Edge: A Memoir By Marie Ivanovich

All in: An autobiography By Billy Jean King

The book refers to Barry

Open: An autobiography By Andre Agassi

Money game By Adam Smith

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